Care and Maintenance of Dental Veneers

If you’ve gotten dental veneers, or if you’ve done the research, you would know that these small porcelain dental works are actually more expensive than you think they are. In fact, they can really put a dent on your bank account. So if you do not want your investment to go to waste, it’s always a good idea for you to take close care and maintenance of your veneers.

Listed below are ways that you can stretch the years out of your dental veneers:

  1. Avoid hard foods.

Porcelain is a naturally brittle mineral which explains its fragility. However, once the porcelain veneer has already been attached to the tooth, the strength of the dental work increases exponentially making it less prone to breakage and chipping. But that does not mean that you can be complacent with your dental veneers. If your natural teeth can break and chip by biting into very hard objects like unpopped popcorn kernels, then your veneers are just as susceptible. If you really want to be nitty gritty about taking care of your porcelain veneers, you can even try cutting up dense foods and fruits into bite sized pieces instead of biting into them.

  1. Take care of your gum health.

While you might not see the connection between your gums and your veneers, the state of your gums will have a huge influence on the cosmetic appearance of your dental veneers. The ends of your veneers are tucked in just slightly underneath the gum line, or the junction where the gums meet the teeth. When you have gingivitis or any type of gum disease, there is a tendency for your gums to recede. This will cause your gum line to move forward. When that happens, the ends, or the apex, of the veneers will then be exposed, making for a more conspicuous dental work and defeating the entire aesthetic purpose of getting veneers.

  1. Avoid foods and drinks which stain.

Unless you want to again spend for teeth whitening procedures, it’s better than you keep your enamels from prolonged contact with substances which are known to stain teeth. Porcelain veneers are actually not susceptible to staining. However, your teeth are. So as your teeth begin to turn into a yellowish color, your porcelain veneered tooth will stay as white as ever. The uneven in the color of your teeth will only point out that you had work done.

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