• Testimonial

I am very satisfied with the services and dental treatment rendered by the Jakarta Smile Clinic. It was an excellent and extra ordinary, like they gave you the best service to a very dear friend. Seeing a dentist Drg Richyani Putri and have your teeth fixed is no longer a terrifying experience. Thank You Jakarta Smile for treating my dental needs with utmost care.

I’ve always had a fear of the dentist since my childhood, but now that fear is gone. Dr. Christine and her staff are professional, but also understand the importance of being personal and making their patients feel comfortable. I would recommend this dental to everyone!!

Since long i had complains on my front tooth, the color was different with the rest coz the composite was outdated. I’d visited few dentist, had the composite changed, but the color still change. Then i come to doctor putri, she applied the indirect venner, now my front tooth have all the same color with the rest. I highly recommend the clinic because of the quality of the service and doctor putri was so friendly for discussion to meet our needs. Thanks doc

The best dental clinic in Jakarta!

I have been a patient of Dr Christine since I was very afraid of going to the dentist. My treatment has been outstanding and I have erased all fears. Dr Christine knows what she’s doing and she does it very well. The staff is also very welcoming and friendly. I actually enjoy going to the dentist now which resulted in better health for my teeth and gums.

My excellent visit to Jakarta Smile Family Dental

I used to go to a dentist years ago that had a really cramped dental clinic and that made me feel a little uneasy. I changed to see Dr. Christine because I moved to the area and I know I needed a cavity filled or two and she was in the area. All I have to say is great dentist, great dental work and this place makes going to the dentist allot more pleasurable.

Great Dentist!

Dr Christine is very kind and thorough. She explains before doing any procedures and makes me comfortable even though I am sitting in the chair for fillings. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Best Dental clinic I have ever been to.

Very Satisfied!

I had a cavity that they were able to fill within 20 minutes and my teeth cleaning was not painful or uncomfortable. They do a great job!

Now i have a wide bright smile!!! Thankyou jakarta smile, make my smile better and shiny everytime! I have to share this experience for you all, because you wont be disappointed by their treatment

Dental treatment at Jakarta Smile was fun, comfort and profesional. Thanks Jakarta Smile

All the dentist and staff friendly, the treatment price is affordable but not means that the quality is bad, exactly the quallity is very good. This clinic is suitable to the people that didn’t want pay much for dental treatment but you still get a very good dental treatment.

The strategic location because in the mall, you also can shoping, go to salon, not need to moving to other place just want to meet dentist. Its very usefull if you are from out of town that just have a little time in Jakarta

Very satisfied with the service Jakarta Smile, please be maintained and can be improved.

It’s was really fun to do dental treatment in Jakarta Smile, suitable for student pockets, but we still get the best treatment. Come on all people try to treat your teeth at Jakarta Smile, definitely never regret it.

Very very Good Doctors, with very Reasonable Price (compare to my Country) ……Thank you Jakarta Smile

I highly recommend Jakarta Smile treatment with Drg Richyani Putri for your dental problems. It is conveniently located at the central of Jakarta. The dentists and the staff are very helpful and friendly. And the price doesn’t give you a toothache.

Work demands me to meet & talk to many people, so i need to pay attention to mouth n tooth healthiness. Going to dentist whose clinic is near office, and is well managed has helped me in improving my overall health. The device is all hi tech. Most importantly the quality of the service truly delivers long term smile. thanks drg Putri, thanks Jakarta Smile

I didn’t care of my dental health before. I always think that brush your teeth is enough to have a healthy teeth. I never go to dentist too. Moreover, I love drink coffee, especially black coffee. I do exercise and need booster everytime I do workout. And the result my teeth going yellowed. But like I said before, as long I brush my teeth, I think I don’t need to worry.

But, my yellow teeth reduced my confidence level. I don’t feel comfortable when I meet people, especially when Im talking. Then I met drg Putri who introduced me with Bleaching treatment at Jakarta Smile Family Dental Plaza Semanggi. For me who never go to dentist, this isn’t just my first time but Im nervous too. Im afraid with the dentist machine that will make my teeth going ache.

I was wrong. Going to dentist isn’t scary like I thought. The doctor and the nurse is very kind. They give me an explanation for process that I should go through. Before bleaching process, drg Putri cleaning my tartar. She very careful during the process so I don’t feel pain. The process is not scary like a thought before. After the treatment Im very happy with the result. My teeth getting brighter and cleanest. From now, I realized the importance of maintain the healthy teeth. Healthy isn’t only about doing workout, eating clean or rest well, but also maintain healthy of all your body like your teeth. Thanks Jakarta Smile Family Dental and especially for drg Putri!